Julien & Alex


Julien’s cock hangs low in his sweatpants; loose and free to get hard as he makes out with his submissive buddy, Alex. Seeing the steady rise in the heather gray fabric, Alex drops to his knees, hungry to take it in his mouth. Julien whips out his hung meat, pressing his shaft between Alex’s lips.

Alex worships Julien’s cock, taking in its musky scent and taste as it fills his face. Julien’s moves Alex down to his feet, ordering him to kiss his sneakers and act as his footstool. Julien loves being in charge and Alex is the perfect sub to service him! When Alex gets back on Julien’s cock, the hung top can’t get enough of the smell of his own sneakers, huffing them deep as Alex swallows his shaft down.

Alex’s eager eyes and mouth get him good and wet, ready for Julien to bend his bottom over to plunge his cock deep in his ass. Julien fucks him hard and rough, dominating his sub bottom as Alex continues to worship his top’s shoes.

Date: August 29, 2019

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