STORY: Family Tradition TAPE #5: Caught Msturbating


There was Rick, sitting up in bed, headphones on and stroking his cock with his phone in the other hand. He was in a white tank top that framed his chest perfect, giving his pecs a beautiful presentation that showed off his fitness.

His arms were strong and muscular, moving up and down as he massaged his shaft. And his cock… his perfect, sexy cock… was thick and veiny with two large balls hanging beneath and resting on his wide, powerful thighs.

Austin was in shock. He didn’t expect to see him in this state. He’d hoped to find an opportunity to see him naked, but this came on more suddenly than he was prepared for. At first, his instincts told him to turn back and to give his uncle some privacy.

But that desire that he’d felt for years was impossible to ignore. He looked on longingly, watching as the older man pleasured himself, stirring up Austin’s own loins and making him hungry for cock.

Date: March 18, 2021

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