Jason Sparks Bottoms: Encounter 1


Jason is getting more than he paid for with this new food delivery service. A lot more. Answering the door bare chested with a towel around his waist, Jason meets tall, red-headed twink Connor. Jason’s cock is rock hard by the time he fetches a tip, dropping his towel as he turns to give Connor the cash. The twink grabs Jason’s hard cock instead.

In the bedroom, Jason discovers this younger guy is fucking hung! Connor gets his dick sucked and rims Jason’s smooth ass, then pushes deep and bareback into Jason on the first thrust. Connor isn’t a gentle fuck.

He picks up the pace and starts slamming Jason’s ass. As he gets closer to busting, Connor really pounds into Jason, who begs Connor to breed him. Connor pulls out to see his cum leak out, and then shoves his cock right back in.

Date: March 18, 2021

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