STORY: Ian CHAPTER 2: Dr. Wolf’s Office


As Dr. Wolf examined Ian’s genitals, he saw the boy’s cock becoming hard, but he did not shy away or retreat from his touch. If anything, Ian seemed to enjoy it, clenching his toes and arching his back as his large hands gripped his shaft. Ian’s hand found its way to Dr. Wolf’s crotch, grazing the edge of the older man’s own growing bulge.

“You want to see it?” Dr. Wolf asked softly, his deep voice barely echoing in the small office. “Yes… please…” Ian responded, giving a wide-eyed looked to the doc that made his heart melt.

Pulling out his cock, Ian’s mouth went agape at the sight of Dr. Wolf’s impressive length. It was bigger and thicker than he imagined, falling out of his underwear from the weight of his heavy, low-hanging nuts.

Ian’s mouth salivated. He looked up at Dr. Wolf, waiting for permission to continue, only to feel his heart jump in his chest when the older man nodded in affirmation. Taking a deep breath, the young man took the wide head of his cock into his mouth, feeling his lips stretch to try and take it all, finding himself struggling to handle its girth.

Date: March 11, 2021

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