STORY: Oliver & Dr. Wolf CHAPTER 2: Follow Up Doctors Visit


Dr. Wolf dismisses his nurse for the day when he confirms his suspicions about why Oliver has returned so soon. The moment the door closes, he locks lips with Oliver as his hands caress the boy’s small frame.

Dr. Wolf lays the boy back on the examination table so he can press his massive knob into the boy’s cute little pucker. Oliver’s hole is left gaping each time the doctor withdraws. Just when Oliver is certain he can’t take any more, Dr. Wolf lifts his small body up.

Completely suspended in the air and arched back against Dr. Wolf’s torso, Oliver could swear he feels the huge cock pressing against his abs from inside. Oliver’s moans increase as Dr. Wolf’s cock swells even bigger inside him to pump a deep dose of hot cum into the boy’s stretched hole.

Date: January 31, 2021

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