Yules & Stephane Raw


Yules sits in bed, trying to catch up on his reading, but his throbbing cock distracts him from anything else. He’s been hard at work for hours and his nuts are full of cum. He casually plays with himself, not wanting to give up his goal, but it soon becomes clear that he won’t be able to continue until he spills his seed. He gives his shaft a good stroking, getting it big and hard. As he does, he gets a text from one his favorite fuck buddies. Yules figures why not–he’s horny, and Stephane is an amazing fuck! Within minutes, Stephane arrives, sweaty from rushing over to get the horny man’s cock. He instantly swallows down Yules’ manhood, feeling it push to the back of his throat. He pulls off his clothes, not wanting to delay his spontaneous fuck for moment longer. Once Stephane is warmed up and ready, Yules plunges his cock deep into the horny bottom’s hole. Yules can feel the hot ass wrapped around his meat, milking him dry. His hips move fast as he feels his nuts explode, filling Stephane with a well-earned load.

Date: October 29, 2020

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