STORY: The Doctor’s Son TAPE #7: Boy Massage


Sprinkling some oil on his back, Dr. Wolf rubbed it into his boy’s flesh, feeling it warm up and relax as he worked his muscles with his big hands. He softly smoothed out the top layer of skin and tissue, letting his boy’s body know that it was okay to be calm and receive him.

He turned him over, running his hands up his legs and into his groin, all while Jonathan closed his eyes and enjoyed the soft, loving touch of his daddy. Dr. Wolf’s cock was rock hard, concealed away in his robe as he observed his boy’s beautiful body.

Pulling out a clear, glass toy, Dr. Wolf ran it up against the boy’s cock and hole, holding it gently up against him, letting him feel it and get used to its size. It was significantly smaller than his own cock, but still big enough to hit his boy where it counted!

Sliding it in, Dr. Wolf watched as his boy got even harder, leaking precum in response to the well placed probe. Jonathan was still a little sensitive, but he loved the feeling of his daddy’s penetrating touch!

Date: September 17, 2020

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