STORY: Boy Austin CHAPTER 15: Slave Boy


Pulling out his cock, Austin gave his master’s shaft a look of amazement before dutifully taking it in his mouth. It was large enough, to be sure, smooth and hard except for the pulsing veins that ran up and down its length.

But for Austin, it wasn’t simply just a man’s cock! It wasn’t even just his master’s cock. This was his old man’s throbbing, life-giving member, weighed down by heavy nuts full of seed! He knew the significance of this, and it made him revere his owner more like a god than a man.

Seeing him struggle to take it all made Master Armstrong feel bigger than he’d ever felt. Stronger and more powerful. There’s no one on earth who could make him feel the way Austin does. And in their private room, Austin gave his old man worship unlike anything he could have hoped for.

As Master Armstrong laid back on the bed, just feet from the cage he had taken Austin out of, Austin climbed up on top of his daddy, straddling his body with his lean, tiny legs. His sheathed cock grazed over his master’s as he got into his position, stopping when his smooth cheeks and hole met his shaft.

Master Armstrong could feel him getting warmer, his body trembling and his heart racing. Austin knew what was coming and he knew he had to go through with it. After all, father knows best…

Date: September 17, 2020

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