Matt & Adrian


Matt can’t help himself. Even when he’s got work to do in his garage, he can’t resist when he has the urge to play with his dick! And who can blame him? When it’s as big and thick as his, it’s hard to ignore. Pulling it out to give it a casual midday stroke, he gets the attention of his horny buddy, Adrian…

Adrian is impressed with Matt’s thick shaft, licking his lips as he imagines taking it into his mouth. Matt is happy to let him worship his cock. After all, Adrian is a sexy, athletic guy. And what better way to get out a good load than in the mouth of a beautiful cocksucker?

Adrian’s mouth proves to be more talented than Matt expected, making him fully aroused and interested in more than just a blowjob. Bending the young man over, Matt, gives Adrian his hard, uncut cock, filling him to the balls with his manhood as Adrian tries his best not to cum!

Date: September 17, 2020

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