STORY: Boy Blake CHAPTER 1: The Grooming


It took one touch from dom daddy Master Legrand to get Blake rock hard. His breathy moans guided the tall top’s hands, following the intensity of each exhalation, making sure to focus wherever he was most sensitive…

Pulling on his cock, Master Legrand could see drops of precum appear. They slowly balled up, building to a drippable size before tempting him to tap it and string it out. And nothing made Blake leak more than when his groomer roughed up his testicles, tapping them as he held them tight in his grip.

Taking the glass dildo to his hole, Blake’s body trembled as it slowly yielded and took it in. His face twisted and contorted, struggling as he let his muscles relax. But once he did, it slid inside him like he was made of gelatin, smooth and lacking in resistance to Master Legrand’s penetration!

Date: September 6, 2020

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