STORY: Coming of Age TAPE #2: Son Swap


It was weird for Lukas to feel his uncle’s lips on his. The bristly beard brushed against his smooth, boyish face, tickling him as their tongues touched and danced around each other. He’d imagined this so many times with other boys, but never thought it possible with the man he thought of as his daddy’s brother. Bishop removed Lukas’ shorts, pulling out his cock as he bent his legs up to lick his sweet boy hole. Dr. Wolf watched his precious, young man get rimmed for the first time, hearing his delighted moans as his buddy took good care of his smooth hole. And as Lukas began sucking on his uncle’s thick shaft, Wolf’s cock stood at full attention, pleased to see that he could take care of his buddy in return. While Bishop’s cock slid inside Lukas’ virgin hole, Dr. Wolf turned his attention to his buddy’s boy, feeling his raging hard-on desperate to be set free! Marcus loved being able to watch his daddy fuck, making him more aroused than he thought possible. And luckily, Dr. Wolf’s big cock gave him plenty to focus on! Watching his cousin lose his virginity, he wanted to feel it in his mouth and ass just the same…

Date: August 23, 2020

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