STORY: Boy Cole CHAPTER 7: The Prize


Master Landon felt strong next to the young man. His smooth, prominent muscles were on clear display, giving Cole an eyeful of his power and masculinity. Cole didn’t need a reminder of who was in charge, but it gave Landon an extra thrill for him to see me like this. He could tell Cole was turned on by it, making the slave boy even more eager to please.

Lying back on the bed, Master Landon sank into the expensive pillows and sheets, spreading out as he claimed it all for himself. As he did, Cole crawled beneath Landon’s legs, taking his manhood into his pretty mouth, sucking on it and tasting it, becoming more acquainted with his master’s flavor and feel.

It was important that Cole learn all about his new master. His scent, his taste, the way his mouth would have to widen to take his substantial girth, as well as the way his balls feel in his hand as he cups them. After all, Master Landon was his world; his owner, his everything…

Date: August 23, 2020

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