STORY: Boy Austin CHAPTER 15: The Prize


Austin took off Master Armstrong’s clothes, carefully and attentively folding them as he placed them to the side. As much as he wanted his daddy’s touch and cock, Austin did not disrespect his master by casting his fine things aside as if they were waste. Instead, he showed his honor for Master Armstrong’s simple pants like they were the finest silks, needing care and consideration.

Once Austin got through the simple protocol of undressing the older man, he gazed upon his massive cock, clearly enamored with its size and strength. Master Armstrong was rock hard, knowing what he could do with the small, young man kneeling before him!

Austin got down on his master’s cock, taking it to the back of his throat in one smooth thrust. His throat tightened down as he struggled to work through his gag reflex. It felt like fucking a tight, wet hole and Master Armstrong wanted to cum right then and there! But instead, he watched with pride as his boy continued to swallow him down, caressing his heavy seed-carrying balls and worshipping him like a king!

Date: August 9, 2020

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