STORY: Boy Tom CHAPTER 3: The Prize


Master Myles knows how lucky he is to have a boy like Tom. He’s eager, handsome, and an amazing cocksucker. Not only that, his hole seems to only want more and more. He knows he could sit back and enjoy him all to himself, but what good is having an amazing toy if you can’t show it off to your friends?

Myles invites his friend, Dani, to check him out and see firsthand just how special he is. Dani can hardly deny that Tom is exceptional! Observing his submissiveness and obedience, the young stud strips them down and begins worshipping his master’s cock. Dani can’t get enough of the boy’s smooth, tight ass, making him instantly interested in a sample.

Myles watches as his friend gets lost fucking his boy, turned on to see Tom take it so eagerly as well Dani’s look of pleasure and envy. As much as he loves the idea of having Tom all to himself, he loves even more that his friend could covet him and want him as well!

Date: July 26, 2020

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