STORY: Boy Jay CHAPTER 6: Slave Boy


Once Master Angus took Jay out of his cage, the slave’s eyes locked on him, looking for a sign that he was going to get what he wanted most. Normally he wouldn’t allow such willfulness, but it was clear that what Jay wanted was exactly what Angus wanted — to serve his master and to be used by him.

Putting Jay on all fours, Master Angus filled his mouth with my thick daddy dick. His hairy, sweaty balls rested gently beneath Jay’s chin as the boy swallowed him whole. He sucked his cock with the hunger of a boy who hadn’t eaten in days! And while Master Angus had fucked him earlier that morning, he’d had nothing but time since then to think about how I’d fuck him again…

With nothing in his life but his master’s cock, every hour that passed without it must have seemed like an eternity to him. Master Angus didn’t want to spoil him, but his own need to breed was just as strong. With his hole still slightly lubed from before, Master Angus’s cock had just the ease it needed to slide inside his bottom’s hole!

Date: July 15, 2020

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