Team Play


Lubing up his dick, Austin followed the thick legs of his burly, bear daddy down to where they met. He slid his cock in, feeling the intense heat and strength of his matured sphincter, practically milking him from its grip. Austin fucked Angus deeper, working his way further inside the big man’s body.

Director Wolf took some lube onto his fingers and began playing with the boy’s hole as he worked on Angus’ ass. It was like nothing else seeing Austin work his digits as he filled the older man!

Wolf quickly took out his own cock, desperately needing to slide his meat into Austin’s tight twink hole. With Austin acting as the small bridge between them, the two older men enjoyed the lean boy’s horny body. As one fucked from behind, the other took the full force of both of their passions, feeling himself get pushed closer and closer to orgasm!

Date: July 5, 2020

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