Pedro & German


Pedro was wiping down the bar when his fellow bartender, German, offered him a cold drink. All night long, the two had seen horny guys making out and fooling around in dark corners, getting the two studs worked up for a little action! And with no one else around, the two men can’t resist working off a little tension from the night…

Pedro follows German into the backroom, finding him ass up in his jockstrap and boots, presenting his backside like it was a late night snack.

Pedro devours his sweaty hole, licking his hairy cheeks as he feels his hole pulsing to be fucked. Pedro strips off his jeans and pulls out his massive cock, giving German the chance to fill his throat with the monster member before taking it up his sphincter.

With his hole warmed up and Pedro rock hard, German spreads his legs apart to feel his buddy plunge his huge cock deep into his tight ass. German moans into the vacant room, grunting with every deep, penetrating thrust, desperate to see his top cum all over him!

Date: June 18, 2020

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