Sherman & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2


Ari loves the feel of Sherman’s big cock as it fills the back of his throat. The horny trans boy loves seeing Sherman stand over him, dominating his mouth; getting harder and wetter as he becomes more aggressive. Sherman can see Ari looking up at him with passion and desire, giving him all he needs to bring out his intense sexuality…

Bending Ari over on all fours, Sherman devours his submissive buddy’s pussy, flicking his clit with his tongue while running his scruffy face all over his crotch. Ari’s body is overwhelmed with pleasure, writhing with each whip of Sherman’s tongue. Ari can’t help but arch his body as he pushes himself further into Sherman’s mouth, desperate to feel more of him inside.

When Ari can barely take any more, Sherman slides his thick meat deep inside him, plunging into his wet pussy. His heavy balls smack against Ari’s tight body, clapping loudly as Ari moans in harmony with the sounds of their fucking. Ari clings to Sherman’s body, opening himself to take his seed, working his cock over with his hot, wet hole!

Date: June 11, 2020

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