STORY: Boy Jay CHAPTER 5: The Prize


Master Angus ordered Jay to remove his clothes, watching as his slender fingers reached toward his zipper. Jay’s hands pulled down his pants, taking them down past his thick, muscular thighs. One of Angus’ legs had about as much mass as Jay’s entire body!

Angus’ nipples hardened on his broad, furry chest, aroused by Jay’s dutiful worship and service. It was unlike any other submissive he’d had before in the world outside. For Jay, it wasn’t a game; it was existential. It was part of his DNA to be on his knees…

Master Angus laid Jay on his back and lifted his legs, seeing his hard, uncut cock, rising up into his stomach as he twisted himself into a knot. With his ass presented up to him, Master Agnus knew he could use it as he saw fit!

Sliding his daddy dick into him hard, he watched as his face winced as he yielded to the master’s demands. He could tell it hurt a little. That was good. It would serve as a reminder who called the shots. A feeling that would stay with him long after he was filled with the alpha daddy’s seed.

Date: May 19, 2020

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