New Recruit


Coach Savage sees a lot of promise in Lukas. The young stud is handsome, confident, athletic, and has a great cock! Lukas is happy to get the silver daddy alone. After all, he’s always had a thing for a man with a whistle! And seeing him in his shorts and polo, Lukas can’t help but be horned up for some hot coach action…

Lukas first shows his respect by running his tongue all over his coach’s thick cock. He can taste his experience and expertise as he swallows each inch of the older man. He can see the older man’s smirk as he looks up, eager to make him proud. Savage presses his hand to the back of Lukas’ neck, encouraging him to keep going.

Lukas turns his coach around, getting him on all fours. Coach Savage holds himself in place, bracing himself on the bed as Lukas presses his hard cock between his cheeks. The older man breaths deep and exhales slowly as Lukas slides his way inside him. The hot, hard penetration sends a rush throughout the coach’s body, happy to feel the young man inside him!

Date: May 19, 2020

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