STORY: Top Training CHAPTER 1: Austin Young Tops Trainer Dietrich


Trainer Dietrich smiled as he saw his handsome athlete walk in, happy to see him reciprocate the desire. And without hesitation, the older man leaned in and kissed him, pressing his lips to Austin’s as the young man practically felt his heart stop. The two began to grope each other, running their hands over each other’s flesh, taking off their clothes, and feeling their lean, athletic bodies. Pulling out the boy’s cock, he could feel it pulse in his hand. A small stream of pre-cum escaped from the tip, glistening in the sun as it caught the light. The trainer leaned down to taste it, taking the boy’s cock in his mouth. It was so large and full, he thought about the boy’s tenacity and strength on the field, eager to see that fire come out in the bedroom! Mr. Dietrich’s meaty ass filled out his briefs. Austin wanted to fuck him badly, to feel his shaft slide inside his muscular body and pump him full of cum! The very thought made his balls tighten as if they could explode then and there. Instead, he ran his hand over his trainer’s smooth ass, teasing his hole as his cock bobbed in and out of the older man’s mouth, waiting for the right moment to slide his wet tool in the daddy’s tight, hungry hole…

Date: May 3, 2020

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