STORY: Boy River CHAPTER 5: Slave Boy


Master Steele instructs River to take off his clothes, coaching him again and again to mind his pace. The boy’s desire for him is so strong, it sometimes exceeds his nature to submit! Steele can see this and knows he needs to keep it in check whenever it pops up. He loves that River craves his cock, but he needs to remember his place.

Bending him over and spreading his cheeks apart, Master Steele slides his thick cock in River’s tight hole, watching him submit to his power and authority as he endures each intense inch of his manhood.

River trembles, feeling Steele dominate him, fucking him harder and harder. He grips onto the sheets of the bed, trying to find his support, all the while happily getting his Master close to climax!

Date: May 3, 2020

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