STORY: Jay & Dr. Wolf CHAPTER 4: Conference Hotel Fun


Dr. Wolf helps Jay get out of his clothes, watching as his smooth, athletic body emerges from his baggy shirt and jeans. With his jeans hitting the floor, Dr. Wolf can see just how excited Jay is to see him, making his own cock desperate to come out. Jay takes the massive member into his mouth, sucking as it grows between his lips. He can hardly wrap his hand around it as he strokes it, reminding him just how much his body works to take it deep in his hole… Unable to hold off any longer, Dr. Wolf lifts Jay’s legs up high over his head, practically bending the flexible bottom into a pretzel. With Jay’s hole up in the air and his legs behind him, the horny giant has a perfect path to slide his cock into his tight hole. With a mix of pre-cum and spit, Dr. Wolf presses his cock up to the boy’s sphincter, feeling as its intense heat wraps around him. All it takes is one little push as he feels the boy’s body yield to him, taking him in one inch at time. Jay moans as his hole stretches, feeling the intense depth of the doctor’s penetration. He’d do anything for it! Anything to get his bare cock and hot load inside…

Date: March 26, 2020

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