Bishop sat on the edge of the bed, feeling his heart pound with excitement. He’d won! He had the boy in his room… Austin was all his to do with as he pleased! His mind raced with fantasies yet to be fulfilled. And yet, he was surprised at just how different his attitude was when he actually saw Austin walk in.

Austin was just so precious. So small and so slight. They’d already fucked — and fucked hard — but it was like he was seeing him new. He wasn’t something he needed to conquer. He was already conquered…

Austin opened his shirt as commanded, running his hands on Bishop’s hairy chest and feeling the weight of my heavy pecs. His eyes were wide with desire and intrigue.

When he pulled off Bishop’s pants, the daddy bear ordered him to sniff between my legs at his nuts. It turned him to see his beta males driven wild on his scent. Seeing Austin breathe deep, he knew he would be a good sex toy. Not just obedient, but hungry, too!

Date: October 21, 2019

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