Alex & Fred


Fred takes full advantage of Alex’s need to please, running the soles of his shoes all over his hard, throbbing cock and wet tongue. Alex strokes himself as he tastes the rubber and leather of Fred’s sneakers, showing his worship and submission as Fred steps on his neck and back.

Fred’s cock swells in his jeans seeing Alex take care of his feet, desperate to be let out. When he unzips his fly, Alex is quick to put his tongue to work on his shaft, getting it wet and hard as he swallows it down his throat. Fred fucks Alex’s face, getting off on how he takes every thick inch of his alpha cock.

Alex gets to sniff Fred’s shoe as the top strips off his clothes and prepares to slide himself in Alex’s tight hole. The dominant sneaker master drills Alex’s ass hard and deep, all while his bottom huffs his rank, sweaty shoes!

Date: October 9, 2019

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