Jordan & Richy


When Jordan gets horny, his mind goes to his favorite fetish… Fucking outside. Luckily for the hung, blonde top, he’s very good at finding submissive bottoms to fuck how he likes!

After finding Richy online, he tells him to meet him at an abandoned building, pants down, ass out, and wait for him to arrive. When Jordan sees his bottom faithfully following his commands, he gets super hard and ready to use and abuse him.

He smacks him around before feeding him his monster cock, making the brutal top feel invincible and powerful. This only inspires more of his sadistic desires; spitting in his mouth and slapping his face as he services him.

Richy is committed to his submission, licking Jordan’s heavy balls before he gets bent over against the wall for an intense, angry fuck. Jordan pounds his bottom against the concrete wall, giving him nowhere to go as he drills deep into his warm, soft insides.

Date: October 8, 2019

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