The Kid – Pan’s Cave


This week on Growl Boys, THE KID continues as Nathan is brought into the deep cave of the old gods. There, Bishop tells him about the conditions that brought him there, as well as the changes he’s about to go through. He’s embraced by the handsome satyr, as well as many of his fellow immortals.

CHAPTER 3: Pan’s Cave opens with Bishop bringing Nathan deep into the belly of an ancient cave. The young man awakens from the warm lights that surround him, stunned at the presence of the horned muscle bear. Bishop keeps him safe and secure, assuring him that all will be okay.

Nathan feels protected and cared for, opening himself up to the love and affection of his unexpected host. Their passion attracts other figures in the cave’s depths, all emerging to meet their new guest, each one taking their turn showing their seductive hospitality. Nathan opens his hole for each one, getting more and more full of their powerful seed.

Date: August 29, 2019

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