Max & Julien


Max and Julien are relaxing in their apartment when the urge to fuck takes over strongly and quickly. Max pulls down Julien’s pants, taking his hard cock into his mouth and sucking it passionately as his partner holds his head in place.

The sexy Frenchman loves seeing Max service his meat, playfully laughing as he gags on his shaft from enthusiasm. The young men keep the passion going, kissing and feeling each other’s smooth, toned bodies as they strip down for more skin to skin contact.

Julien returns the favor of his horny cocksucker by getting down on his knees and swallowing Max deep. Julien lifts up Max’s legs, lapping his tight, smooth hole with his tongue, getting it ready for a hot fuck.

Max bends over on all fours, presenting his ass for Julien’s massive cock, moaning with ecstasy as it fills him up. Julien gives him an aggressive pounding as the two get closer and closer to an intense orgasm!

Date: August 12, 2019

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