Lost Boys CHAPTER 1: Fresh Meat


Lost Boys is the story of a sexy silver fox satyr, who hunts and finds boys who hunger to belong. He grooms these lost souls one by one. Once he fucks a boy, the boy is marked forever as his territory, and the seed of this mythological creature is pumped into a whimpering boy, the young pup undergoes transformation in his body. Once fully transformed, the boy becomes his offspring and is brought into the Satyr’s pack of strays. The boys are given the gift of life as a Promethean, and their father unleashes in each one of them their inner potential. In Chapter 1, Fresh Meat, Angel has just moved into a town and is looking for a good time. Walking down the unfamiliar streets, he finds the exciting and exotic “Growl Bar,” where he meets the owner…the satyr who will in time seduce and breed him.

Date: March 25, 2019

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